Pee Perverts: Potty Drink – New ebook available at Amazon

Pee Perverts: Potty Drink

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Pee Perverts: Potty Drink ‘ eBook

Pee Perverts: Potty Drink by Abigail Thornton

When Gary Caldey goes to check on a woman in an alley, little does he realise that he is about to encounter a Pee Pervert for the first time.

It’s not the first time Harper has been caught emptying her bladder in public, but it is the first time someone has shown proper appreciation for one of her deliberate shows.

Gary knows that his own distinctly vanilla sex life will never be the same again, but it’s only when he and Harper go babysitting that he realises just how drastically his own needs and desires have changed.

He’ll never look at a potty the same way again, that’s for certain.

This is a short (but very wet) story of about 7300 words.

The Pee Perverts: Potty Drink ebook is available from 15th April at and

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