Pee Perverts: Wet Date 2 – New ebook available at Amazon

Pee Perverts: Wet Date 2

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Pee Perverts: Wet Date 2’ eBook

Pee Perverts: Wet Date 2 by Abigail Thornton

John Walsh has already used his wealth to explore his wet fetish once and is keen to do so again. However, when he rings his favourite Escort agency, he is disappointed to discover that Eve is unavailable.

Mercy uses her charm to persuade John to take out a new girl on her books – so new that she hasn’t been given an official name. More important, in John’s opinion, is that the new girl has put a tick in the box labelled ‘W.S.’. Tis single piece of knowledge is enough to make John part with his money in hopes of another wet night.

Beth Rees is in attendance once again, and she adds her personal touch to the cocktails on John’s second wet date.

Part two of the ‘Wet Dates’ series is 9000 words.

The Pee Perverts: Pee Perverts: Wet Date 2 ebook is available now at and

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