Popping Carrie’s Cherry – New ebook available at Amazon

Popping Carrie's Cherry

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Popping Carrie’s Cherry’ eBook

Popping Carrie’s Cherry by Abigail Thornton

Jackson’s broken relationship with his mother is not helped when she marries a bank manager and he inherits a stepsister called Carrie – although Jackson has a colourful collection of names that he prefers to use for the troublesome teenager.

The uneasy sibling relationship is tested to breaking point after Carrie meddles in Jackson’s love life and then invades his bedroom during his private time.

Jackson’s rage is extinguished when he discovers a secret about his stepsister, and it’s not long before the two teenagers are expressing a different type of emotion.

However, Carrie has more secrets, which she reveals as she opens-up to stepbrother in all sorts of ways.

This short story of teenage angst is 3300 words.

The Popping Carrie’s Cherry ebook is available now at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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