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Pounded at the Party

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Pounded at the Party’ eBook

Pounded at the Party by Abigail Thornton

Steve Goode finds himself working in an office dominated by women. He’s subjected to various forms of sexual harassment, although as Cindy points out, it’s only harassment if you don’t like it.

On the question of ‘liking it’, Steve isn’t sure whether he does like what the women do to him, and he finds himself on a very slippery slope when the group venture out for a weekend away and meet a gay man in Manchester.

Steve’s always had a fantasy related to having two of his female colleagues at the same time, but when your world is dominated by women, it shouldn’t come as a complete shock that they might have the same fantasy in reverse.

Heterosexual Steve has never been with another man, although he comes to accept that that might not be true by the end of this wild night as he makes a deal to get his hands on the one woman he really wants.

This story of sexual domination and fluid orientation is 8600 words.

The Pounded at the Party ebook is available now at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Smashwords

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