Right Sister, Wrong Hole – New ebook available at Smashwords

Right Sister, Wrong Hole

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Right Sister, Wrong Hole’ eBook

Right Sister, Wrong Hole by Abigail Thornton

Discovering that your boyfriend has had sex with another woman is bad enough. When that other woman is your younger sister, and she took him in the wrong hole in your own house and everybody knows, it’s much, much worse.

Tina is in the middle of exacting a perverted form of revenge on her younger sister when Robert arrives at the house trying to explain his actions. As part of coming to terms with Robert’s betrayal, Tina decides on a suitable punishment for her now ex-boyfriend.

Will Robert take it like a man?

And how will Tina cope with her mother’s odd behaviour?

Find out in part three of the ‘Wrong Hole’ series, which is 6600 words.

The Right Sister, Wrong Hole ebook is available now at Smashwords

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