Sex In Space: Episode 3 – The AI War – New ebook available at Amazon

Sex In Space: Episode 3 - The AI War

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Sex In Space: Episode 3 – The AI War’ eBook

Sex In Space: Episode 3 – The AI War by Abigail Thornton

Having been kidnapped by a trio of horny alien religious zealots, Mia Hartman, Emily Lambert and Captain Ciganova find themselves at the epicentre of an inter-galactic shooting match, trapped in an advanced Drej battleship which hasn’t had chance to work out what a war is.

While everyone else starts shooting, the three kidnapped crew and their Drej hosts have to work out how to switch their battleship on, and then persuade it to fight.

Fortunately for them, an autonomous part of the ship’s Artificial Intelligence Systems has its own murderous agenda and is just itching for a chance to kill everything in sight. This is a good thing when the AI is defending the ship and the crew from a deadly enemy. It’s not so good when it gets loose and goes on a virtual killing spree around the ship.

Some wars are short and sweet.

This is not one of those wars.

If you enjoy your light-hearted space opera spiced with a murderous AI gaining access to very advanced weaponry, this story is for you.

The concluding episode of the ‘Sex in Space’ trilogy is 13750 words.

The Sex In Space: Episode 3 – The AI War ebook is available now at and

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