Society for the Suppression of Vice – New ebook available at Amazon

Society for the Suppression of Vice

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Society for the Suppression of Vice’ eBook

Society for the Suppression of Vice by Abigail Thornton

As Victorian England’s premier pornographer, Lady Florence Gorham finds herself indebted to the efforts of Lord Teignmouth and his ‘Society for the Suppression of Vice’.

Lord Teignmouth’s tireless efforts to rid the nation of various ‘polluting productions’ is in fact helping to create the very market he is seeking to destroy.

When one of Lady Gorham’s girls is recognised in a publication, Lord Teignmouth takes up the investigation personally. Even as the Maddox cameras are capturing ‘The Milk Maid Milks’, Lord Teignmouth’s attention is drawn by the housemaid’s bare legs and plump bottom after she makes an unexpected appearance wearing very inappropriate attire.

Not one to let an opportunity slip, Lady Gorham jumps at the chance of entangling Lord Teignmouth… and Lord Teignmouth seems surprisingly willing to comply.

This Victorian romp is about 6500 words.

The Society for the Suppression of Vice ebook is available now at and

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