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That Girl

Abigail Thornton’s ‘That Girl’ eBook

That Girl by Abigail Thornton

It’s not every day that you find out you’re living next to a bona fide porn star, but for Kami Richards, that day has come.

After hearing the local scuttlebutt, Kami watches a video called ‘See My Peach’ with the full expectation that the rumours are false. However, after only a few seconds, Kami knows that what she has been hearing about her neighbour is true. The fact that it’s her neighbour taking her clothes off and more in the video is confusing… as is the power of the subsequent orgasm.

For Kami, there’s no hiding what she’s done when she bumps into Sabina while buying a coffee, however Sabina reacts by giving her neighbour a copy of her entire back catalogue… and then she invites her new intimate friend for an al fresco frolic in the countryside with an unsuspecting bloke called Mike.

This story of perverted pornographic discovery is 7500 words.

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