Wet, Wet, Wet 2 – New ebook available at Amazon

Wet, Wet, Wet 2

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Wet, Wet, Wet 2’ eBook

Wet, Wet, Wet 2 by Abigail Thornton

This eBook contains three short stories, each with a distinctly wet theme: Rode to Recovery, Getting Wet Down Under and Swedish Hothouse.

In ‘Rode to Recovery’, newly separated Dani Hurley is having fantasies about her new neighbours’ 18-year-old son. As he gets himself ready to head off to university, Dani’s frustration about her lack of sexual opportunities leads to her sharing her fantasies and letting Brad decide whether he’d like to fulfill one or two. Inexperienced Brad can’t believe his luck.

In ‘Getting Wet Down Under’, Nell and Jason travel to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand and take a night-time stroll along the beach. After stripping off, there’s a mix up in the darkness and two couples become a foursome. What follows might be mindless, instinctive and possibly illegal Down Under, but it’s also very enjoyable.

In ‘Swedish Hothouse’, Charlie Evans is trying to get away from the stresses and strains of his job when he falls down some stairs in Stockholm. Local lass Elin Glas comes to his rescue and provides everything a man could possibly want and more as she plays the ultimate Good Samaritan. This story includes some very hot and steamy sex involving various members of a local women’s football team.

This collection of short stories totals 11 200 words.

The Wet, Wet, Wet 2 ebook is available now at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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