Witch Way to the Apocalypse? – New ebook available at Amazon

Witch Way to the Apocalypse?

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Witch Way to the Apocalypse?’ eBook

Witch Way to the Apocalypse? by Abigail Thornton

A girl’s anal innocence is something that a demon should take, not something for a girl to give willingly. That seemingly small detail is one of the major reasons Stan has decided it is time for this world to come to an end. That and the fact that some of the people living in it are so evil; he’s finding it increasingly difficult to stand-out.

But before the world can end, Stan must snuff out the final pocket of resistance, in the form of witches, Granny Smith and her granddaughter, Alice.

Having invited the Destroyer-of-Souls in for a final cup of tea, Granny Smith makes Stan an offer she knows he won’t refuse: “I’m not offering you her soul. I’m not offering you her mind – although you’re more than welcome to what little there is of that. I’m offering you her body… to do with as you will.”

After being stuck on Earth for over 6000 years, to have a virgin is one of the few remaining joys in Stan’s miserable existence.

And a virgin witch?

Alice is Granny Smith’s secret weapon and Stan is seemingly happy to line himself up in the crosshairs.

Find out what happens when demon meats witch in ‘Witch Way to the Apocalypse?’.

This is a short story of 7000 words.

The Witch Way to the Apocalypse? ebook is available now at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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