Wrong Father, Wrong Hole – New ebook available Smashwords

Wrong Father, Wrong Hole

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Wrong Father, Wrong Hole’ eBook

Wrong Father, Wrong Hole by Abigail Thornton

In ‘Wrong Father, Wrong Hole’, Angela sets her sights on her best friend’s newly-divorced father.

Angela starts by wearing the ex-wife’s silk dressing gown with nothing underneath – a fact which she is all too ready to prove, and this after confessing to having woken up with a ‘massive wet spot’. She then role-plays having sex in the marital bed while Gabi gathers breakfast, and things get even dirtier as Angela’s best friend goes for a shower.

After ditching her friend, Angela returns to the scene of the crime and sets a trap which she knows is fool proof and will result in mutual anal benefits.

This filthy frolic staring our favourite tearaway daughter is 5000 words.

The Wrong Father, Wrong Hole ebook is available now at Smashwords

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