WetAndPissy – A Pee Pervert’s Review of Golden Hair Balsam starring Alyssa Reece

Alyssa Reece Golden Hair Balsam

Alyssa Reece – Still Dry

Alyssa Reece pissing over and over again – what more could a Pee Pervert ask for? I have to say that I’ve been looking forward to seeing this video for weeks. Alyssa Reece is a genuine Pee Pervert and this video shows off her pee fetish to the max. She starts by telling us that she’s been in a very playful mood all day – and when Alyssa Reece is in a playful mood while filming a scene for wetandpissy.com, you know that what follows is going to be special.

Alyssa and I met briefly and have kept in touch ever since. I know she was excited for this shoot because she told me but it’s obvious from the moment you see her – Alyssa Reece on film with a full bladder… you know she’s going to have some pissy fun and here she’s been good enough to share it with us. She’s wearing skin-tight jeans which get wet within the first 30 seconds. When Alyssa places her hand over her pussy as the pee starts leaking out, you know she isn’t trying to hold it in.

Alyssa Reece wearing Wet Jeans

Alyssa Reece Pissing In Her Jeans

As Alyssa perches atop a glass table, she releases squirt after squirt of piss into her khaki-coloured jeans and as the camera moves under the glass, we get to hear Alyssa peeing as well watching it pool around her knee. Alyssa sighs happily as she lies down in her puddle of piss before peeling her jeans away to expose her pussy. She tries to pee while maintaining this inverted position but her bladder refuses to co-operate, so Alyssa strips her jeans off completely and goes back to kneeling on the table, from where she fires a stream off piss onto the floor.

Remembering the title of this video, it’s possible to guess what comes next as Alyssa pulls the tie from her hair. We cut to Alyssa squatting astride a glass decanter which Alyssa rapidly fills with piss. The camera work is fabulous and we are treated to views looking up through the glass table as Alyssa starts peeing but finish with a close-up for the final trickle of urine.

Alyssa plays with a straw in the shape of a miniature (and I mean microscopic) cock, which she uses to distribute urine over her body, starting with her boobs and stomach but moving to her pussy via her a brief hair-wetting. She then fucks herself with the tiny piss-spurting cock before pouring the pissy contents of the decanter over her hair and body.

Having given herself a fabulous pissy shampoo, Alyssa empties the rest of the decanter over her bum and then swivels around and around on the table, using her pee for lubrication. She is soaked from head to toe and her hair looks fab as she takes a handful and plays with her pussy as the camera moves under the table once again.

Alyssa is ready to pee again and spins round to spread her pussy for us as the camera slides in for a close-up. Alyssa giggles to herself as she uses the tiny cock on herself again and manages to pee while it is still inside her. As we approach the 25 minute mark, Alyssa masturbates her way to a muscle-burning orgasm while the mini blue cock nestles in the entrance of her vagina. Alyssa shows her gratitude to the little toy by licking it clean before the camera breaks away.

As a finale, we close in between Alyssa spread legs and catch a face-full of her piss – well the camera does! Alyssa apologises before trying again. “My aim is not that good,” she says, having directed a second stream right at the camera. I love the way Alyssa does this – the fun she’s having with her pee. She concludes by confessing, “So… this has always been something that I’ve wanted to do… a secret fantasy of mine and now I’ve finally done it.” Alyssa had a great time filming this scene and I’m sure that you Pee Perverts out there will have just as much fun watching it.

The camera gets a piss wash from Alyssa Reece

The camera gets a piss wash from Alyssa Reece

Alyssa Reece has already firmly established herself as a Pee Pervert. If you want to see sexy solo pee play head over to wetandpissy.com and watch Alyssa’s Golden Hair Balsam trailer. If you prefer to read about pee play, have a look at my Pee Pervert’s ebooks.

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