Santa’s Running Late

A Christmas Poem

I heard a noise on Christmas Eve, and wondered at the cause.
I opened-up my bedroom door, but then I had to pause.

My sister creeping silently, silently along.
I followed her discreetly, knowing it was wrong.

I followed close behind her, in case she needed help.
But what I saw below me, made me want to yelp.

Santa Clause was in our hall, drinking from our brandy.
To make it worse – it made me curse – he was eating all our candy.

Santa saw my sister, in her negligee.
“If you want your presents, there’s a price you’ll have to pay.”

“I might be Santa Claus, but deep down I’m just a man.
Give me a nice blowjob for your presents in my van.”

I saw her think a moment, I saw her pause for thought.
Deep down I knew she’d do it, for the presents he had brought.

Santa’s cock was hard, by the time she took it out.
She knew she had to do it, or for Christmas she’d get nowt.

My sister sucked-off Santa, right there in the hall.
She sucked his cock so sweetly, and then she sucked some more.

I watched her sucking Santa, I watched her take him deep.
It felt a bit unreal, like a dream when I’m asleep.

But it was really happening, I’m afraid to say.
My sister sucking Santa, in a very slutty way.

His cock, it was nine inches, but for her that was quite small.
She opened-up her throat, and she quickly took it all.

Santa groped her tits, as my sister gave him head.
It looked like she enjoyed it, although not a word was said.

Santa made a noise, like a whistle from a train.
From the look upon his face, I thought he’d gone insane.

I heard my sister gagging, heard her muffled shout.
He was coming in her mouth, of that there was no doubt.

Santa’s balls jumped in their sack, as my sister swallowed hard.
He groaned aloud and filled her mouth with half a pound of lard.

Santa pumped a long, long time – I thought it’d never end.
My sister made a retching noise, unable to pretend.

When at last, the job was done, my sister she withdrew.
“What the fuck in hell was that – it almost made me spew?”

“I think I must apologise, I know it’s very hard.
I’ve heard before from other girls, my spunk – it tastes of lard.”

“Tastes of lard, it’s worse than that – it’s like drinking from a gutter.
Any girl who sucks you off, I think must be a nutter.”

“That’s very harsh, I think you’ll find, some girls – they like the taste.
Either way, ‘tis but once a year – there’s no time for me to waste.”

“So where’s my fucking present?” was the next thing that she said.
From the look that Santa gave her, I’m surprised she isn’t dead.

Santa wasn’t pleased, that much to me was clear.
And the present that he gave her, wasn’t very dear.

Me, I wanted better, and I knew just what to do.
So I rushed into the bathroom, to find my tube of lube.

I ran down to the kitchen, to find my Santa Claus.
The fact I had no knickers, I think what made him pause.

I pulled-up my small nighty, to show him what I’d got,
A ridge inside his costume – I knew I’d made him hot.

“Are you better than your sister, that’s what I want to know?”
“I’ll let you fuck my pussy: this isn’t just for show.”

“You’ll let me fuck your pussy? I like the thought of that.”
His cock came out, my pussy too, as we carried-on our chat.

“You can fuck me any way, any way you choose.
All you have to do for me, is leave a pair of shoes.”

His purple knob between my legs, it came at me so fast.
My pussy speared in one fell swoop, I knew it wouldn’t last.

Santa’s cock inside my cunt, it felt so hot and big.
My fingers – they slipped down real fast, for a little frig.

I rubbed so hard, I rubbed so fast, I needed that big come.
Not too long for me to wait – a finger in my bum.

“A pair of shoes is all you want, to let me use your cunt?
You should have seen the house I bought, to stick it in your Aunt.”

“A house for me is of no use, I want a pair of shoes.
I’ll let you stick it in my ass, if you make them Jimmy Choos.”

Santa’s eyes, they went so wide, I knew I’d got him there.
“But I’ll be late – make children wait,” his voiced filled with despair.

“My ass unused, saved for you, to do with what you want.
You dirty man, your spurting flow, flooding up my cunt.”

“I’m sorry girl, you’re just so hot, I didn’t mean to blow.
But it’s not the end of this my lass, I think you ought to know.”

‘cause Santa Claus, poor old gent he shags but once a year.
His willy hard, his lust still great, he shoved it up my rear.

His cock inflated – him elated he decided not to run.
Instead of work, with me he lurked, enjoying anal fun.

And that is why, I cannot lie, your presents will be late.
Santa Claus, my ‘special’ friend, my ass it made him wait.