Time of the Month

This one needs a little explanation: I’m going to write an erotic story involving werewoles and there are a few ‘surrounding’ scenes which I’ve been having fun with. This one is flash fiction:

“It’s not really ‘clinical’ lycanthropy…”

“No… I suppose not.”

“I mean… it’s not a ‘psychiatric’ syndrome. He really is a werewolf.” The men turned to look at the slavering beast.

“Yeah, I keep banging on about this but IT refuse to add ‘werewolf’, ‘werewolvism’ or ‘lycanthropy’ to the system.”

“So what should I put?”

“I usually just classify it as ‘generalised hypertichosis’ – which at least accounts for all the hair.”

“Yeah, I suppose that makes sense,” Doctor Saint replied, scrolling through the categories.

“Bloody hell – there’s been 53 cases reported in the last 24 hours!”

Doctor Tiskova leant forward, revealing the moon hanging in the sky. A full moon. “Time of the month, I’m afraid. Best order-in another tonne of dog biscuits.”