VIPissy – A Pee Pervert’s Review of ‘Two Nurses’ starring Jessica Rox and Rachel Evans

I enjoyed the video of Jessica Rox peeing in ‘Wet Yoga’ so much that I just had to watch her other scene on VIPissy – Two Nurses. If you want to see Jessica Rox having pissy fun with another girl, this is the video for you.

Jessica Rox pissing

Jessica Rox Pissing on Rachel Evans’ stockings

Jessica teams up with Rachel Evans and it’s clear that the two girls enjoy each other’s company. By ‘company’ I do of course mean each other’s pussies, tits and pee. Both Jessica Rox and Rachel Evans come across as genuine Pee Perverts, and having licked Jessica’s pussy, Rachel starts the pee play by pissing through her white knickers.

Rachel Evans pissing

Rachel Evans Wets Her Knickers

Jessica wants to get her foot pissed on and eventually gets her stocking wet by rubbing it in the puddle of Rachel’s piss. We get an excellent view looking up through the bottom of the clear plastic chair as Rachel Evans sits down in her own urine. Jessica Rox can’t resist running her hand through Rachel’s warm pee. This scene pauses briefly with Rachel Evans taking Jessica’s piss-socked stocking into her mouth. If you’ve got a foot fetish or a stocking fetish mixed in with your pee fetish, you’ll love this, short though it is.

Rachel’s piss-soaked knickers come off and the girls kiss each other through the wet material before rearranging themselves so Jessica can lick and examine Rachel’s pussy with a toy stethoscope, before fucking it with a white pestle. Jessica takes a closer look at Rachel’s pussy with a magnifying glass as she finger fucks Rachel’s pussy with first one and then two fingers.

This being, we know that the pissing will be back soon enough and the scene breaks to Jessica Rox pissing into a medical glove. Jessica carries on pissing long after the glove has been filled. Rachel ties the glove, which makes it into an instant sex toy. Jessica gives one of the piss-filled fingers oral sex and Rachel soon follows her example. Jessica takes charge, guiding Rachel Evans onto her back and proceeds to finger-fuck Rachel’s pussy with the piss-filled glove. I’ve never seen this done before but it seems to work very well until Jessica presses a little too hard and the glove breaks, spraying Jessica’s Rox’s piss all over both girls and the camera. I love the way Jessica has a fit of laughter as the scene fades away to black. This is fun for her; making a sex toy out of a piss-filled glove and having it explode all over her – it’s fun for us too!

Exploding piss

Jessica Rox laughing as the glove full of piss explodes

The scene resumes with both girls looking composed. Rachel Evans is perched on the edge of the desk and quickly starts pissing over Jessica Rox. As the stream of urine varies, both girls are soon laughing again as Jessica tries to catch it in a bowl. The yellow piss is clear to see against the white of the bowl as Jessica sucks it up into an over-sized syringe. The syringe doesn’t get much of Rachel Evan’s piss but what Jessica manages to suck up is squirted onto Rachel’s body. Jessica then licks the piss from her friend’s stomach and tits, paying particular attention to Rachel’s nipple and belly button.

The girls swap positions and Rachel fucks Jessica’s pussy with another toy from the medical kit as Jessica rubs herself. After she’s brought herself to a sexy climax, Jessica squats over the white bowl and we are treated to a close-up as she pisses. Some of her piss goes into the bowl but most of the hot piss squirts over Rachel’s stockinged leg. The syringe comes out again and is used to soak Jessica’s nurse uniform with piss. Rachel pours the rest of the piss from the bowl over Jessica’s bum, leans down and licks the pee running down Jessica’s sexy bottom. The scene finishes with Jessica squeezing the piss out of the pair of discarded wet knickers. She closes her uniform over her pissy tits as the nurses begin to tidy themselves up for their rounds.

This 25 minute sex scene is filled with pissing, yet is gentle, erotic and fun. If you like nurses’ uniforms and piss, you’ll love it. I wanted to see Jessica Rox having fun with another girl’s piss after seeing how much she enjoyed playing with a man’s pee in Wet Yoga. Again VIPissy’s High Definition (Full 1080p) is gloriously detailed and it’s easy to imagine that you are there with the girls as they pee on each other.

Jessica Rox has already established herself as a Pee Pervert. I think Rachel Evans deserves to join the ranks after watching this video. If you want to see tender, lesbian pee play head over to VIPissy and watch the Two Nurses trailer. If you prefer to read about pee play, have a look at my Pee Pervert’s ebooks.

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