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Personal Biography or “How I Became an Erotic Writer”

Abigail Thornton grew-up with the torment of having three older brothers and a mother who never gave-up trying to win her over with dolls and pretty dresses. Abigail refused to see herself as different from her siblings and as such she played football, climbed trees and spent a lot of time covered in mud – often as a direct result of having three brothers who were bigger, stronger and faster than she was.

When she wasn’t being abandoned at the top of tall trees or tied to goalposts, she joined-in with the male household’s obsession of all things Star Wars and indulged her father’s chosen bedtime reading of Douglas Adam’s Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Many a time Abigail’s mother came to retrieve her snoring husband only to find Abigail reading her father’s favourite parts aloud to him.

Abigail’s career as an ‘Erotic Writer’ started with the discovery of her brother’s porn collection at an age which she’d rather not reveal. She liked the stories and spent Sunday mornings painstakingly copying them out so she could read them when her brothers weren’t off playing football. The copying process gradually developed an editing routine to the point where most of the actual words were Abigail’s own. Soon after realising that fact, she wrote her own story which she submitted to, and was published by, Men Only. Abigail found the £25 cheque rather rewarding for her efforts and so embarked on a career as a writer of pornographic stories for the newsagent’s top shelf magazines.

This made a lot of people very happy for entirely the wrong reasons: Abigail’s parents thought she was doing a lot of homework; Abigail’s brothers got the occasional ‘bonus’ magazine in their secret collections; Abigail’s newsagent thought that she was ‘such a sweet girl’ for collecting the supplies of an old gent she visited on her way home; the ‘old gent’ was happy because he occasionally got a ‘bonus’ magazine; Abigail’s bank got very excited and started offering all sorts of cheque and savings accounts; and Abigail found a way of earning money whilst doing something she enjoyed.

The writing drifted away over the years until a house-move exposed Abigail’s written work to someone she knew for the first time. A friend read it and persuaded Abigail to submit an extended version of an existing story to the Xcite Books anthology ‘Tricks for Kicks’. That story was ‘Paid to Pleasure’ and so it began…

Abi x

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