Not Dead – New ebook available at Amazon

Not Dead

Abigail Thornton’s ‘Not Dead’ eBook

Not Dead by Abigail Thornton

Harvest Festival as we know it today is a corruption of a much earlier, more sinister celebration. Oh, it was a joyous festival alright, but it was celebrated by the survivors of the times when night equalled day and Earth slipped into phase with its toxic twin.

Given that Holly had been tied to a rock outside her village’s palisade by her fearful father, she was not expecting to be one of the survivors.

Hypothermia may have killed her even before the shuffling shapes descended on her naked flesh… and then there’s her father, looking to save face.

Holly needs help to survive, and in a zombie called Rob, Holly seems to have found an unlikely ally.

The only question for Holly is how long she can resist her own physical needs, and what the consequences might be when she succumbs.

This erotic zombie adventure is about 8000 words long.

The Not Dead ebook is available now at and

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